Strongest Double Sided Tape in 2020

It’s time to say goodbye to glues and rivets! The strongest double sided tapes in this list will help you mount all sorts of things from carpets, vehicle parts to photo albums. It might seem that

It’s time to say goodbye to glues and rivets! The strongest double sided tapes in this list will help you mount all sorts of things from carpets, vehicle parts to photo albums.

It might seem that buying a tape is a straightforward task. But you won’t believe we actually put in almost 20 hours to research and compile this list.

You need to keep in mind the surface you are trying to bond, the nature of the tape and adhesive, ease of installation, and performance in specific environments.

So, we thought this list could help you to make an informed buying decision on double sided tapes.

Let’s get started! 

Strongest double sided tape reviews

1. XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape 2″ x 20 yards


XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape 2
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This XFasten tape is one of the best double sided tapes for carpets. The adhesive used on both sides of the tape is suitable for bonding rough, smooth, and textured surfaces.

The adhesive strength would most likely to last more than 6 months and even more. If you use it on carpets and have lots of foot traffic going over it every day, it will still hold the carpet in place. Most users are satisfied with how well the tape can hold their carpets.

The best part is the tape is easy to install, and you can remove it off with minimal residue.

It’s also compatible with wood, tiles and nylon-based materials.


  • Multi-purpose double sided tape
  • Long-lasting adhesion for more than 6 months
  • Leaves minimal residue
  • Can be repositioned and used again
  • Can withstand heavy traffic when used on carpets


  • Cutting the tape might be a bit difficult
  • Carpet to carpet bonding might not be strong enough

Final verdict

Though the tape is suitable for carpet jobs, it might not hold all sorts of carpets. So, it might work for you and not for others. You can also use it in decorations and ornaments but make sure to use enough tape. 

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2. YYXLIFE Heavy Duty Carpet Tape


YYXLIFE Heavy Duty Carpet Tape
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The YYXLIFE brings you some of the strongest double tapes in the market. The adhesive used in this tape is super sticky and will hold your carpets in place securely.

If you have carpets in stairs or entrance halls, they might be subject to a high amount of movement. This tape will provide superior adhesion and will also prevent kids and people from falling.

Apart from carpets, you can use it on wood, tile, marble, concrete, and other textured surfaces.

The adhesive can withstand temperatures from -40F to +140F without slipping off.

You can easily peel off the tape without any residue. The inner surface will remain in good shape after years of installation.


  • Suitable to use on rough and smooth surfaces
  • Highly durable and works in all types of weather conditions
  • Leaves no residue with minimal damage
  • Stays in place for a longer period


  • Super sticky tape is difficult to cut

Final verdict

The tape is most likely to stay in place forever until you remove it. Though you may face difficulty cutting it, you can spray the scissor with silicone spray to solve this issue. The tape is thin enough to work on smooth surfaces effectively. 

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3. Scotch Double Sided Strong Tape


Scotch Double Sided Strong Tape
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This Scotch tape is probably the best double sided tape for papers and crafts works. It has a permanent adhesive on both sides. You can use it for temporary wood works too.

It comes with a dispenser. So, you can easily cut and store it away. But the dispenser is not heavy enough, and the blade that cuts loses sharpness fast. You can buy refill tapes separately later.

If you are planning to use on painted walls, this tape will not work. It will set nicely but will remove paint when removed.

The tape is most effective in normal and controlled temperature environments but will lose strength in temperature over 100F.


  • Has permanent adhesive
  • Easy to cut
  • Convenient storing with the help of the dispenser
  • Suitable for paper works


  • Not versatile
  • The blade of the dispenser might lose sharpness

Final verdict

This double sided tape will help you replace glue when working with crafts, paper and photo albums. Don’t use it in extreme conditions. Other than that it’s a good value for money. The cost is lower online than what you can find in the retail stores. 

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4. Sugarman Creations Strongest Carpet Tape


Sugarman Creations Strongest Carpet Tape
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The Sugarman creations brings you a strong and durable double sided tape that you can use on carpets if other brands haven’t worked for you.

The adhesive is permanent, and the tape is made from high tensile string. Still, you can take the tape off with very little residue underneath.

You can use it on rough and smooth surfaces. But the best part is the adhesive is effective in moist environments like bathrooms and saunas.

You can buy between 2” and 4”. This gives you a bit of flexibility as a wider tape can hold your materials better.

The tape is covered with a laminated material that can be quickly peeled off. This is a great feature to have as many tape backings are hard to get rid off.


  • Works in moist environments
  • Powerful adhesive that provides permanent bonding
  • Suitable for carpets, smooth and rough surfaces
  • Comes in a wider form
  • Easy to peel off the tape backing


  • Cutting the tape might make a mess. (Use a knife for best results)

Final verdict

Most users of this double-faced tape had found success with it when other tape brands failed. The ease of installation and the strength of the adhesion is what makes this tape fit in this list of double sided tape review.

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5. XFasten Residue Free Carpet Tape 2” x 30 yards


XFasten Residue Free Carpet Tape 2” x 30 yards
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You can’t keep XFasten away if you are particularly buying double sided tapes for carpets and fabric surfaces.

This tape works very well for carpet to carpet and carpet to hardwood surfaces.

If you have a delicate wood floor like laminated or poly finished, the tape will easily peel off with minimal residue. And there will be hardly any damage you can find.

One interesting use of this tape is for preventing pet scratches on your valuable furniture. It also works for decorations, ornaments and picture frames.

The adhesion is strong enough to hold carpets in place. But make sure to buy enough as it might seem a little can do a lot. 


  • Safe on delicate hardwood floorings
  • Quick installation and easy peel off by hand
  • Suitable for rough and smooth surfaces
  • Works for carpet to carpet bonding


  • The tape is very thin, so it can tear when cutting. So do it delicately

Final verdict

If you wanted a thicker tape, then this tape is not for you! But if you like it thin and sticky, this is the one you will love. Overall, this is an above-average double sided tape at a reasonable price.

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 6. Scotch Heavy Duty Outdoor Mounting Tape


Scotch Heavy Duty Outdoor Mounting Tape
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This Scotch heavy-duty tape is one of the strongest double sided tapes that you can find.

It can virtually mount any smooth surface up to 5 pounds. So that includes address plaques, signs, and solar lights.

This is the perfect double-faced tape to replace drilling on walls. The tape and the adhesive work great in outdoor conditions where it can be exposed to rain, hot and cold. 

However, the issue is you cannot get the tape off easily, and if you do, you can cause damage to the surface. So, use it to mount surfaces that need a permanent solution.

Use 4 inches of tape or more for every 5 pounds. If you exceed the limit of 5 pounds, it will come off. 


  • Super strong and mounts all sorts of smooth surfaces
  • Can withstand all sorts of external conditions
  • Replaces drills for lightweight objects


  • The tape covering is tricky to get off
  • Leaves residue when removed

Final verdict

This is an acrylic foam tape, and you can expect high-quality adhesion from this tape. If you want to mount carpets with this, you should look for other tapes in this list. But for mounting plastics and bricks, this is perfect. 

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7. LLPT Double Sided Woodworking Tape


LLPT Double Sided Woodworking Tape
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The LLPT tape is the best woodworking double sided tape in this list. It gives very strong temporary mounting in woodturner and CNC jobs. The best part is you can easily peel it off, and it will leave no residue at all. 

You can also use it for nameplates and crafting. But we are a bit skeptical about the permanent solution this tape might provide.

There is a yellow paper cover on both sides of the tape, which you can peel off with your nails.

The tape is thick enough to resist curling and tangling which can happen a lot with double sided tape.


  • Compatible with standard tape guns
  • Specially crafted for woodworking and CNC jobs
  • Peel off with no residue
  • Can resist up to 120-degree Celcius heat
  • Available in 6 width sizes


  • Not so good as a permanent solution

Final verdict

There are lots of other tapes that can do a similar job like this tape. But those are good for versatile use when you are not buying for a specific purpose. But if you are into wooden works, this is the tape to buy.

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8. YYXLIFE Multi-Purpose Sticky Tape


YYXLIFE Multi-Purpose Sticky Tape
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This YYXLIFE double sided tape is the same as that of the earlier we reviewed. But if that didn’t work for you, this is even better.

It’s specifically crafted to hold carpets in place. The tape also comes off pretty clean. So, you don’t have to worry about your wooden floors getting damaged.

You can also use this tape outdoors because it can withstand -40F to +140F temperature. 

Other than carpets, you can use it on marble, tiles laminate and carpet to carpet. If you need to reposition your carpets, you can use the same tape again as it’s very sticky. 


  • Suitable for fabric and carpet surfaces
  • For multi-purpose use
  • Non-slip and keeps materials in places
  • Leaves no residue behind


  • Not suitable for very delicate hardwood floors

Final verdict

YYXLIFE tapes are durable and quality products. Depending on the nature of the surfaces, the effectiveness of the tape might vary. So, keep that in mind.

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9. 3M Strong Molding Tape


3M Strong Molding Tape
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3M tapes are some of the best double sided tapes that you can find. The USP of 3M tapes is their ultra-strong adhesive that can mount plastic and metals permanently.

This 3M double sided tape is an industry-grade tape that you can use on cars and other vehicles to attach side moldings and trims. In more heavy-duty conditions, you can also attach steel grills to exterior windows.

It’s also resistant to high heat and low temperature. So, that basically means it’s a good replacement for rivets.

While using it on painted surfaces, you might find difficulty in getting it off without damaging the surface. So, use it on surfaces that need a permanent solution.


  • Extremely strong and permanent
  • Suitable for vehicle surfaces
  • Improves the aesthetics of your vehicle
  • Withstand high and low temperatures


  • The liner of the tape is hard to remove
  • Not suitable for works that require you to pull it off sooner

Final verdict

If you wanted to attach any exterior part to your vehicle, you can use this tape and keep your vehicle harmless. You will get professional level service from this tape. Buy this for plastic and metal surfaces. If you want to use it for another purpose, look for other tapes. 

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10. Gorilla Double Sided Mounting Tape


Gorilla Double Sided Mounting Tape
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Haven’t yet found the strongest double sided tape yet? The Gorilla tape provides permanent mounting for both rough and smooth surfaces like glass, metal, stone, and wood.

The specialty of this tape is that it’s crystal clear and that might be required in some projects for a clean finish.

You can use the tape for both indoor and outdoor purpose. It can resist both heat and moisture.

Although the tape leaves very less residue, it can cause damage to the surface when you try to peel it off. So, use it where you need a permanent bond only. Avoid using on non-stick and delicate surfaces. 


  • Crystal clear tape for a clean finish
  • Super strong and permanent
  • Withstand heat and moisture
  • Leaves very less residue


  • Can damage the surface when you try to remove the tape
  • The lining is hard to remove

Final verdict

The Gorilla tape will not disappoint you in terms of adhesion and longevity. If you really want something never to get off, this is the tape to buy.

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What is double sided tape?

A double sided tape is commonly known as double-coated tape and double-faced tape. It composes of a carrier substrate that has adhesive on both sides. The main purpose of using such tape is to bond two surfaces together. This also makes the surfaces aesthetically pleasing as the tape remains invisible. 

Double sided tape applications

  • Soundproofing: Sound can be a big issue nowadays in city areas. To make a room soundproof, you need to attach the foam to the walls and floorings. Double sided tapes make the job easy and the bond can last for years.

  • Exhibitions and events: Exhibitions and events require laying out temporary carpet. Double sided tapes are best suited for such applications, and it leaves no residue after removal.

  • Automobile industry: Double sided tapes have successfully replaced rivets and fasteners in the automobile industry. Most of the panels and exterior mirrors are attached with the help of such tapes. The end product is more visually appealing.

  • Building construction: The Burj Al Arab used double-sided tapes in many areas of its construction. It made the process easier and also durable in the long run. 

Best double sided tape buying guide

  1. Surface of bonding

Depending on the surface you are trying to bond together, you should make a buying decision. For smooth surfaces like glass or PVC, you need a thinner tape. And for rough and uneven surfaces like wood and cement, you need thicker tapes.

The nature of adhesive will also vary with the surfaces. Stronger adhesive needed for rougher surfaces.

  1. Weather condition

You should take into account the environment in which the double sided tape will be used. If you are working at higher temperatures, look for tapes that are specifically made for such temperatures. The same goes for cold, humidity, and dirt focused conditions.

  1. Permanent or temporary purpose

In construction works, double sided tapes are needed for a permanent solution. But for simple home use, a weaker tape will do fine.

For a permanent solution, you can choose VHB and UHB tapes. These tapes use an acrylic polymer material that makes indestructible bond after a few days of using. 

  1. Clean removal

Sometimes you need to join two surfaces together for a short period, and you don’t want any residue to be leftovers. In that case, there are double-faced tapes that will leave no residue and provide a stronger bond. Such tapes are very commonly used in events and shows.

  1. Width

Depending on the application, you might need thinner or wider tapes. It would be a waste of time to wider tapes and make them thin. So, before making a purchase, decide what size of tape you need. 

  1. Types of double sided tape

  • Foam tapes: Foam tapes are the strongest double sided tapes available. These tapes have acrylic adhesive on them and can also perform better at different temperature levels.

  • Cotton tapes: Cotton tapes have a heavy coating, and you can use them to join uneven surfaces. These are most commonly used in carpet installation and also easy to unwind. 

  • Paper tapes: Paper tapes are the cheapest option available, and you can use them for temporary household works. Both sides contain rubber adhesive. 

How to make a double sided tape effectively work?

Test before using in the long run

Before applying the double tape you bought, you need to run a small test. You need to see the tape you bought does what it supposed to do. If you need tapes in bulk, first buy a few sample pieces, try it and then buy in bulk. 

Proper installation basics

When installing the tape, you need to make sure of two things- the surface is cleaned properly leaving no dirt behind, and the liner is removed. Dirty surfaces will make the bond weak and will come off early. 

Check for chemical migration issues

Chemical migration happens quite a lot when you try to bond a PVC material with another material. The plasticizer in PVC can flow to the adhesive on the tape, making it gummy and weak. So, in such cases, high-quality and pressure-sensitive adhesives are the best option. 

Optimal storage conditions

If you are buying double sided tapes in bulk, make sure to store them at normal temperature. Too much cold or hot conditions can ruin the adhesive. Also, buy from a seller who sells quite a lot to get fresh materials.

Double sided tape FAQ

  1. How to remove double sided tape?

  • Use moist heat: After removing the tape, you can use a blow dryer to apply moist heat on the adhesive residue. This will make the adhesive soft, and you can easily remove it with a plastic knife.
  • Use an adhesive remover: There are different types of adhesive removers available for different surfaces. Just apply the remover, wait for a while, and scrape using a plastic knife.
  • Alcohol can be a great option: If you don’t have an adhesive remover at hand, alcohol can be a great alternative. Soak some cotton balls in alcohol and apply over the adhesive. You can pull it off later.
  • Use a razor blade: Razor blades can work too. But be careful, it can damage the surface.

  1. Can I use double sided tape for catching bed bugs?

You will be surprised to know that many people buy double sided tapes to catch bed bugs. These tapes are extremely sticky and hopefully will catch lots of bed bugs.

  1. Is it waterproof?

Most double sided tapes are water-resistant and can only withstand moist conditions. But you can find waterproof tapes too.


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