Quietest Performance Muffler in 2020

Most people buy mufflers for achieving a particular noise that they love. Others like you, love it when the muffler is super quiet. We bring you some of the quietest performance mufflers that will

Most people buy mufflers for achieving a particular noise that they love. Others like you, love it when the muffler is super quiet.

We bring you some of the quietest performance mufflers that will keep you calm and happy.

The problem with mufflers is that, if you want low noise, you will have to compensate with fuel efficiency and power. But efficient mufflers can achieve both.

You can add a resonator as well to your muffler to stop that droning.

If this list of mufflers and resonators doesn’t meet your needs, look for the buying guide at the end to help you make an informed buying decision.

Here’s what we got for you!

Quietest performance muffler reviews

1. Vibrant Performance 1142


Vibrant Performance 1142
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If you prefer a muffler over a resonator and want to know which is the quietest resonator available now, you can check out this Vibrant Performance resonator.

The stainless steel used to make this resonator is durable and offers a polished appearance. If you compare the price with the quality, you are actually paying less.

Let’s talk about the sound quality of this resonator. It has a bigger sound chamber than usual resonators. This helps in absorbing more sound. There is an ultra-quiet line on the outer layer that can eliminate the riffling noise in 8-cylinder and 6-cylinder automobiles with a straight-through exhaust system.

On top of this, the resonator is a straight-through styled surrounded by sound deadening material. Most users are satisfied by the low-level of noise this resonator can achieve.

The sound has a bit of aggressive feel to it. But the best part is the drone can reduce by almost 90%.

The inlet and outlet diameter are both 3 inches. It will fit most vehicles without issues.


  • 90% drone reduction
  • Bigger sound chamber
  • Has premium sound-deadening materials inside
  • Eliminates rifling noise
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Has a touch of aggressive tone


  • With some vehicle models, the noise reduction is not that much effective

Final verdict

Resonators are an excellent addition to have besides using a muffler. This device is carefully crafted to lower the drone. So, if that is your primary focus, you try out this piece. 

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2. Vibrant performance 1141


Vibrant performance 1141
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The Vibrant performance 1141 is almost similar to 1142. It’s one of the quietest resonators and for a good number of reasons.

It has a larger chamber and is built with t304 stainless steel body. This is the reason this resonator can achieve quite a high level of noise reduction.

On top of that, it features a straight-through core for efficient release of gases. This is also surrounded by sound-dampening premium materials that add more sound-reducing properties.

The surrounding jacket of the core is welded. So, reverberation becomes inconsistent. The quality of the sound feels like deep low tone.

We loved the overall appearance of the resonator and not to mention the fact that it’s extremely durable and can resist high temperature.


  • Exhaust flow is smooth and unimpeded
  • More than 80% drone reduction
  • Efficient noise reduction
  • Premium stainless steel body, which is welded
  • Resistant to high exhaust temperature


  • The lip areas of the metal can be exposed to corrosion

Final verdict

This resonator is not a replacement for your ultra quiet muffler. This is an additional part of the exhaust system for those who want the most silent performance with fuel efficiency.

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3. MBRP M1004A Universal Quiet Tone Muffler


MBRP M1004A Universal Quiet Tone Muffler
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We wanted to keep this full with stainless steel bodies but had to keep MBRP quiet tone muffler reviews because of their sweet noise reduction and optimal airflow.

The M1004A has an aluminized construction. While this makes the unit convenient to purchase, you can’t expect the same durability as those made with stainless steel.

It has a dual-core technology that reduces noise as well as maintains swift gas flow. For towing application, this muffler is perfect.

We think that the noise is louder than the stock mufflers, but it’s not obnoxious. It has a nice tone, which you will love hearing.

If you have an MBRP cat back system, this muffler can be a great replacement for performance and quiet operation.

It has a 4-inch inlet and outlet size. Keep this in mind before you buy it.


  • Great noise reduction
  • Adds a nice tone to the sound
  • Suitable for over the road towing applications


  • Might not be super durable

Final verdict

If you are searching for a quiet muffler for truck in the most reasonable price, you can check out this muffler. The sound is almost too quiet when you get inside the truck. Most users are satisfied with the performance. 

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4. MBRP M2220A Aluminized Quiet tone Muffler


MBRP M2220A Aluminized Quiet tone Muffler
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The M2220A is a quiet tone diesel muffler that can reduce noise to a considerable level on trucks.

It has an aluminized body, which might get exposed to corrosion. But you get what you pay for.

This muffler will keep the exhaust temperature low and will also provide fuel efficiency with more horsepower.

After installing, you will find that most of drone sound is gone. The operation pretty quiet, except when you stand by the tailpipe and keep the vehicle idle.

If you are buying this, you need to buy the clams separately. But that won’t add up a huge cost.


  • Great fuel efficiency and power
  • Minimises droning
  • Keeps noise low when riding
  • Prevents the exhaust from heating up


  • Doesn’t come with clams

Final verdict

If you are annoyed with the droning noise on the highway and you need a budget muffler, this is the one to buy. For truckers who love quiet operation, we highly recommend this unit. But if you love it a bit too loud, you have to look for other mufflers.  

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5. Walker 21544 Stainless Steel Muffler


Walker 21544 Stainless Steel Muffler
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The Walker 21544 is one of the quietest performance mufflers you can find. It features an OE-style louvered tube technology that makes the sound quiet.

The sound has a bit of growl in it and is a little more than the factory mufflers.

The installation is pretty easy due to the use of OE-style hanger positions. You just need to have an intermediate pipe to complete the installation.

We loved the internal drainage system in this muffler. This will clear out any sort of liquid that accumulates inside. The end result is your muffler will last longer with less corrosion.

Talking about corrosion, this muffler is made from stainless steel. So that it one great thing about this unit. You can’t get such an ultra quiet muffler and that too stainless steel at this price.

It has a standard 2.5” inlet diameter and 2.25” outlet diameter. 


  • Internal drainage system
  • OE-style hanger for quick installation
  • Stainless steel body at low price
  • Low noise


  • Compared to other high-quality stainless steel, this is not much durable.

Final verdict

You can expect three times for durability than aluminized mufflers. But you also need to understand the fact that this is not a premium muffler from which you can expect 6-7 years of service. But overall if you are focused on quietness, this what you should buy.

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What is a car muffler?

A muffler is a part of the exhaust system of a car. This is a type of device that is engineered to reduce the sound of the pressurized gases coming out of the engine.

In some devices, the sound is absorbed during the release, and in other devices, the opposite sound waves cancel each other to reduce noise.

Mufflers are a legal restriction in most countries. The major drawback of using a muffler is that it can create back pressure and reduce fuel efficiency.

But the best car mufflers are those that improve performance and at the same time keep sound at a minimal level. 

Why do you need a muffler?

These are the following reasons why people buy mufflers:

  1. Sound variation:

    While noise reduction might be a reason behind buying a muffler. But it’s not the only reason. Many people buy mufflers to get a particular type of sound they like. Some love it rough and loud, and others love it soft and classic. 

  2. Increased horsepower:

    Many car owners buy mufflers to increase the airflow from the engine. So, this gives the engine more power.

  3. Fuel efficiency:

    The truth is all mufflers tend to decrease the fuel efficiency to some level. But there are mufflers which provide more fuel efficiency than others.

Quietest exhaust muffler buying guide

In recent times, there is now a thing called quietest performance mufflers. Back then, it was just performance mufflers. If you read this guide, you will be able to know which muffler suits your needs best.

  1. Size of the muffler

Mufflers come with a universal system that you can use on different sorts of cars, giving you more options. But you need to keep in mind these 3 things to get the perfect fitting:


  • Type of exhaust system

    Cars have two types of the exhaust system- single and dual exhaust system. The first thing is to identify the type of your car’s exhaust system. So, if you have a single exhaust system, then buy a muffler with a single inlet. For dual exhaust system, get a muffler with dual inlet

  • The diameter of the exhaust pipe:

    The exhaust pipe diameter must match with the diameter of the inlet pipe of the muffler. If you buy a muffler with a different inlet pipe diameter, you will be wasting money.

  • The area where the muffler will be attached:

    The last thing you need to check is how much room you have for the muffler to fit. So, if you buy a bulky muffler, but your car is small and low-riding, there is a high chance that the muffler will drag along the road.

  1. Muffler types

Mufflers are differentiated based on their design. Any design of muffler might fit your car, but you need to know what will give you less noise and performance.

If you know how these three types of muffler work, we are sure you find a suitable muffler faster.


Straight-through muffler, which is often known as a glass pack muffler has a straight tube that absorbs noise as the gases pass through.

The tube is perforated and generally remains surrounded by either fiberglass or steel wool. And the whole set up is enclosed inside another case.

In this system, the restriction for gases is low, and that provides increased performance. It can produce a loud noise. However, many people buy love it. 


Chambered mufflers are quieter than straight-through mufflers. In such mufflers, there are several chambers inside the muffler that are aligned in a way so that some sound waves can cancel each other.

The best part is you can adjust the size and shape of the chambers inside to produce sound to your liking.

Most people use these mufflers in muscle cars for their deep sound producing capacity. 


Turbo mufflers can provide you with quieter operation along with performance. It has a series of perforated tubes designed in an S shape. On top of that, turbo mufflers might have sound-reducing material fiberglass around the inner tube. 

  1. Muffler material

Usually, mufflers are made of stainless steel or aluminized steel. Whether you should buy stainless steel or aluminized steel depends on your budget.

If you have a low budget, the aluminized steel muffler is the best option. Though the steel has an aluminum coating around it, it can quickly rip off and then the muffler is exposed to corrosion and degradation.

If you can spend a little bit more, always go for the stainless steel option. Stainless steel mufflers look more attractive, and they tend to last longer. It’s a great muffler to have when you are living in a rainy or cold climate.

  1. The balance between performance and sound

Here’s the deal.

If you buy a muffler that has fewer restrictions on the passing of the gases, you will get more power, more mileage, but the sound level will rise.

On the other hand, if you buy a muffler with lots of turns and chambers, the sound level will be low, but the mileage will decrease.

So, you need to see if a particular muffler model can give you both fuel efficiency and quieter noise. 

  1. Type of sound you want

If you are reading this post, it’s obvious that you are searching for the quietest muffler. So, that’s the first thing you need to keep in mind.

But this can’t be the only thing you are searching for. You might want a particular sound at the lowest level possible. So, it’s better to search for the products we reviewed here on youtube and see if you can find how they make noise.

  1. Add a resonator

As you can see, we also reviewed two resonators in this performance muffler review list. You can add a resonator along with your regular muffler to reduce noise and droning further.

Don’t use the resonator without a muffler because it will cause a loud noise, which is not the reason you came here for. 

  1. Muffler pricing

Performance mufflers under $60 will almost always be a glass pack type with aluminum body. These are average mufflers that might not meet your expectation for quiet noise.

If you can move your budget in the range of $60-$100, you can buy an excellent muffler that will produce less noise than usual.

Mufflers over $100 are crafted for performance, and you can find stainless steel models in this range.

Performance muffler FAQ

1. Are resonators and mufflers the same thing?

No. Resonators and mufflers are not the same thing, but they serve a common purpose.

Usually, mufflers soften the overall noise coming from your exhaust system. This works for all levels of RPM. People use muffler to achieve a specific tone of sound that they like.

On the other hand, resonators work in combination with a muffler. Resonators dampen the noise further and especially reduce droning caused at a certain level of RPM. 


2. Should I buy mufflers based on quietness or performance?

This is a complicated question. Extremely quiet mufflers might put too much pressure on your engine. But you don’t want a high performing muffler that will put you in legal trouble. It’s best to buy a performance muffler that makes as little noise as possible.


3. How hard is it to install a muffler?

If you are an experienced car owner with loads of DIY skills, you can install the muffler yourself. In some cases, you might need welding, which you might not have. So, get professional help if possible.

If you want to do it yourself, you can follow these steps

#Step 1 – Put your on a level surface and lock your wheels, so there is no movement whatsoever

#Step 2 – Now that you have your car in a balanced position, it’s time to remove the old muffler. The process is very simple. Just remove the bolts, and it will come off. If the unit is rusted or welded, you might need to cut it out.

#Step 3 – To install the new muffler slide the inlet pipe of the muffler over the exhaust pipe and secure the bolts.

#Step 4 – It’s time to test how the new muffler works and if there is any leak or not. You can easily detect a leak if you see any smoke coming out from the body of the muffler.

You can also go through this video from Scotty Kilmer and see how it’s done.


4. What size of inlet pipe should I use?

There are different mufflers with different inlet pipe diameter. The 3-inch diameter pipe is used most. Check the compatibility with your vehicle first.


5. How important it is to use a tailpipe?

In automobile terminology, a tailpipe is attached with the muffler to move the exhaust gases away from the car. So, this is optional. It might not cause any major issues, but sometimes gas can build up underneath and seep inside the vehicle.

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