Quietest Bathroom Fan With Light in 2020

Finding the right bathroom exhaust fan that’s quiet and powerful at the same time is time-consuming. In this list of quietest bathroom fan with light reviews, you will find all of them under 1.5

Let’s get this straight!

Finding the right bathroom exhaust fan that’s quiet and powerful at the same time is time-consuming.

In this list of quietest bathroom fan with light reviews, you will find all of them under 1.5 sones. Yes, we did the hard part putting in more than 50 hours to research and analyze.

Depending on your budget and desired air flow capacity, you can choose a suitable fan for your bathroom.

Here you go!

Top picks of our experts

Best overall bathroom fan – Panasonic FV-08-11VFL5 WhisperFit with light

Best super budget bathroom fan – Broan Very Quiet ceiling fan

Quietest Bathroom Fan with Light Reviews

1. Panasonic FV-08-11VFL5 WhisperFit with light

Panasonic FV-08-11VFL5 WhisperFit with light
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This Panasonic fan model fits perfectly in the list of quietest bathroom fan with light. You will love it if you are planning to renovate your home by yourself.

It’s super easy to install, and the plastic finish offers sufficient durability. The best option is to choose 110 CFM with 0.8 sones for the quietest experience.

Quick Specifics

      • CFM: 80 and 110
      • Sones: 0.5-1.5 adjustable
      • Warranty: 3 years on parts, 3 years on the lamp.
      • For whom: Individuals want to do residential remodeling and hotel renovation

Top Features of this bathroom fan

Easy installation features

You don’t need a professional to install this. The EZ and Flex-Z brackets with a detachable adapter make the job super easy for you. Just 20-30 minutes and boom it’s done.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning the fan is relatively easy as pulls down to one side and you get proper access to the dirt inside. We love these small touches from Panasonic.

Ability to control CFM and sones

You can switch between 80 and 110 CFM. This enables you to install this fan on any bathroom ranging from small to medium.

Light characteristics

You get a 4-watt CFL light that you can use as a night light. However, it’s still quite bright. Suitable for those who want to replace their regular bathroom lights.

You can replace the bulb with a LED bulb, but you need to have a GU24 to E26/E27 converter.


      • Adjustable airflow and noise
      • Low power consumption and complies with energy star requirements
      • Easy DIY installation
      • The night light is bright enough to replace regular ones


      • The instruction manual is confusing

Final Verdict: This ultra quiet bathroom fan with light is a great value for money. All in all, it’s pretty quiet to even hear from 3 inches near it.

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2. Panasonic FV-11VHL2 WhisperWarm light combo

Panasonic FV-11VHL2 WhisperWarm light combo
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The Panasonic WhisperWarm is a top-notch ultra quiet bathroom fan with light. The inclusion of the heater makes it even more lucrative and efficient. However, if you have to worry about one thing, it should be the price.

The durability and performance of this fan are unmatched. Keep in mind it is a ceiling mount fan!

Quick Specifics

      • CFM: 110
      • Sones: 0.7
      • Warranty: 3 years for parts, 6 years for motor, no warranty for light.
      • For whom: Individuals who want extra out of their bathroom fans.

Top Features of this bathroom fan

Longer shelf life

The thermal cut-off fuse in the fan’s motor keeps it running at cooler temperatures. This single-handedly can increase your fan’s shelf life.

The housing of the fan contains zinc galvanized steel with rust-protective paint. This adds more durability to the product.

Separate switch for 3-in-1 usage

You can control the light, fan, and heater with individual switches. So, when you don’t need any one of them, just don’t switch it on.

Optimal room heating

It takes just 30 seconds to heat up. And the nichrome wire with magnesium oxide in the heating element ensures optimal heat transfer.

The heat is comfortable and not too hot to cause trouble.

Built-in damper

This is the USP of this fan as far as we are concerned. Built-in damper helps to prevent air entering from outside.

The fans which don’t have this feature can sometimes bring in dust when the wind blows heavily.


      • Super Quiet and energy efficient
      • The cooling motor ensures durability
      • Quick and optimal heat transfer
      • Bright and Energy Star rated light
      • No trouble of outside air entering


      • DIY installation is pretty tough for a newbie
      • Big and bulky

Final Verdict: You get what you pay for. And this amazing bathroom fan is a great example of that. Why waste space for an extra heater when you get this with your bathroom fan?

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3. Broan 791LEDM Invent exhaust fan with LED light

Broan 791LEDM Invent exhaust fan with LED light
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This model from Broan might be the best bathroom exhaust fan with LED light. The price is pretty affordable, but you will have to stay satisfied with a little bit more noise than other quieter fans on this list.

The standout feature is the light that comes with this fan. The best part is it’s super easy to install on your own. The sleek and modern design makes it even more appealing.

Quick Specifics

      • CFM: 110
      • Sones: 1.5
      • Warranty: 3 years limited warranty
      • For whom: For medium budget households

Top Features of this bathroom fan

Eye soothing light

You get a 12-watt LED light that can also be dimmed by a switch. Though it doesn’t quite function as a night light, the soft color temperature of the light is soothing to the eyes.

You can turn the dim light all day long without too much strain on the eyes.

Reduced air leakage

It uses a TrueSeal Damper technology to ensure air leakage by as much as 50%. A lot of exhaust fans leak outside air to the inside, and that can make your bathroom dirty.

Low maintenance motor

The motor in this model is permanently lubricated and sealed. It will require minimal maintenance over the years you will be using this.

Cleaning system

The cleaning process is not so easy in this fan. But you can remove the springs underneath the grille and clean the fan easily.


      • Sleek and modern look
      • Easy DIY installation
      • Durable motor
      • Versatile lighting
      • 50% reduction of outside air leakage


      • Lack of proper instruction
      • Not a great mounting system

Final Verdict: If you are ready to sacrifice a bit of noise, you are getting a powerful ventilation fan in half the price of other quiet fans.

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4. Delta BreezeIntegrity ITG80LED with dimmable LED

Delta BreezeIntegrity ITG80LED with dimmable LED
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At less than 1.5 sones, this Delta BreezeIntegrity fan easily finds its way to this list of quietest bathroom fan with light. But the downfall is the CFM is lower. So, if you have a small bathroom, it’s definitely worth buying.

Quick Specifics

      • CFM: 80
      • Sones: 1.3
      • Warranty: 3 years warranty on parts, no warranty for light
      • For whom: For low-medium budget households with small to medium-sized bathroom.

Top Features of this bathroom fan

Durable motor

The motor is brushless, and this decreases your maintenance and cleaning duties. Not many motors come with this feature.

Powerful LED light

The LED light is 13-watt and is very bright and powerful. The downfall is there is no dimmable switch. You can replace your regular light bulbs with this one.

Energy efficient

The unit is Energy Star certified so that should tell a lot about its energy saving quality. To be more specific, the CFM power is just 7.2 CFM/watt.

Self-compensating motor

The motor is self-compensating, which means it will change its airflow depending on the air pressure inside the bathroom. This is an excellent addition to have.


      • Saves a lot of energy
      • Low cost
      • Easy to install
      • Low maintenance


      • Steel ducts can make more noise. Opt for plastic ducts.

Final Verdict: It’s not the quietest fan out there but certainly good enough for a small bathroom. Efficient energy saving and the super functional unit will do the job!

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5. Broan Very Quiet ceiling fan

Broan Very Quiet ceiling fan
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This Broan fan is the quietest bathroom fan at the lowest price. Our electrical experts rated this product very high because of its quality, and functionality.

The noise is whisper quality and you will barely ever notice that it’s running. Though it has a low CFM, it’s perfect for small to medium-sized bathrooms.

Quick Specifics

      • CFM: 80 CFM
      • Sones: 0.3
      • Warranty: 3-year warranty
      • For whom: For ultra budget concerned household and new families with low budget

Top Features of this bathroom fan

Continuous usage

The motor used in this fan is developed for running continuously on for hours. So, even if you forget to switch it off, it’s still safe to use.

Flexible installation

The installation from the inside of the bathroom is easy. The hanger bar system allows you to install this unit on any type of construction easily.

Top quality certifications

When you see HVI and Energy Star certification on an exhaust, there is no doubt that the fan meets high standards. Apart from being budget-friendly, this fan will also save you tons of electrical bills.

 Ultra Quiet

As you can see from our specification list, it has a sone rating of just 0.3. What more can you want when you are looking to buy an ultra quiet exhaust fan.


      • Low cost and energy efficient
      • True whisper quality noise
      • Can run for hours without a break
      • Can be installed in any environment


      • Might not last 5 years but justified by the price you pay
      • No light included

Final Verdict: If you ever wanted a basic exhaust fan that will remain quiet, drive away significant air without draining your pockets, this is the fan you were dreaming about.

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Buying guide for Quietest bathroom fan

Airflow capacity (CFM)

In the case of bathroom exhaust fans, we will use CFM as a measure of the fan’s ability to move air.

There are 2 rules of getting it right:

  • For every square foot, the CFM must be at least one CFM. So, if you have an 80 sq.ft bathroom, go for an at least 80 CFM fan.
  • Use this formula to get the appropriate CFM for your bathroom fan. L x W x H x 0.13 = min. CFM rating.

Noise (Sone)

Sone is used to measuring the loudness of a bathroom exhaust fan. For an ultra quiet exhaust fan, the sone must be 1.5 or lower.

If you have quiet bathroom fan reviews before, you will find sone range between 0.5-6.0. There are lots of 1 sone bathroom fan; however, you also need to take the CFM into consideration.

Anything close to or above 5 sones, just avoid them.


The best bathroom exhaust fan will make less noise and also have a high capacity to drive air out. In that case, you will have to pay more than what you spend on average fans.

But if you are low on the budget, you can always choose a cheaper one. However, you will have to sacrifice performance and durability.


Durability is crucial for exhaust fans because they are relatively more expensive than regular fans. So, look for these 4 things to ensure durability:

  • Galvanized steel bodies
  • Rust-resistant paint finish
  • Brushless fans
  • Lubricated motors that require less maintenance


Warranty is one of the many important things that consumers should look for when purchasing any electrical products.

Look for a warranty of at least 1-5 years that can guarantee against the internal moving parts and also the outer finish.

Ease of installation

If you are planning to install the fan by yourself, look for a fan that has an easy installation process.

You can look for certain certifications that allow installation over your shower. A detailed manual or video instruction is also great to have.

Energy consumption

If you want to buy the quietest bathroom fan with light and run it continuously for hours, there is a chance of a high electric bill at the end of the month.

So, you need to look for fans that can save up to 70% energy consumption.

To ensure lesser energy consumption, look for these 3 things:

  • Energy Star qualification
  • HVI certification
  • Usage of DC motors

Special features that you might consider

GFCI circuit prewiring

Attaching a bathroom fan to a GFCI circuit provides safety against the wet environment. So, you need a fan that has GFCI circuit prewiring. This makes it easy to install on a GFCI circuit.

Exterior design and appearance

The color and finish of a bathroom exhaust fan are up to you to decide.

For a futuristic and modern look, you can buy a metal fan. There are also wooden fans that can a rustic look to your bathroom design.

Glass fans are more popular among people who have a classical taste.

Mounting options

There are basically two mounting options you have- a ceiling fan or a wall mounted fan.

For ceiling fan, make sure that the ceiling is strong enough to hold the fan. There are special brackets that come along with ceiling fans to minimize sound caused by vibration.

Motion sensor activation

Motion sensor fans turn on as soon as you walk into the bathroom. These are great for saving electricity and the hassle of turning the fan on every time.

Bathroom fans with light

The quietest bathroom fans with light are great fans to buy. Other than keeping the noise minimal, it also gives you the option to light the bathroom.

Some lights work the motion sensor, and others provide low-watt light to illuminate the room at night.

Humidity sensing

Bathroom fans with humidity sensors switch on automatically when the humidity inside rises to a certain level. In this way, even if you are not using the bathroom, the fan will keep the room dry and comfy.


Some exhaust fans have infrared heating lamps that can provide warmth during the winter season. While this is hardly a feature that you might emphasis, you can still consider.


If you don’t have the budget to buy the best bathroom exhaust fan with humidity sensor, you can always opt for a fan with a timer.

The timer helps you to set a specific period of ventilation and turn it off when it’s over.

Indicator light

For fans with no timer or motion sensor, an indicator light will help you to know whether the fan is turned off or on.

CFM control

Sometimes, your bathroom might become too much gassy and moist. But you need to clear that out quickly as guests are coming. You can get a fan with CFM control to increase or decrease the ability to ventilate.

Automatic turn off

Automatic turn off function is optional and especially helpful for those who forget turning their fans off. With quieter exhaust fans, there are chances when you will not know the fan is running or not.

Bathroom exhaust fan FAQ

Q. Why are exhaust fans so important to use in a bathroom?

Getting the moisture out: This is pretty obvious. A bathroom filled with humidity is the breeding ground for bacteria and molds. The heat and steam trapped inside a bathroom are not very healthy. A good exhaust fan will keep the bathroom dry and crisp like your normal rooms.

Safety: Wet bathroom is dangerous. There is a higher risk of slipping if you don’t have an exhaust fan.

Control bad odor: eww! Who doesn’t hate bathroom odor? And as most bathrooms are located in the corner, there’s no way for fresh air to enter. Exhaust fans will clean the internal air and replace it with fresher air.

Q. Why should you use a quiet bathroom fan?

Exhaust fans can make a lot of noise. But you need to choose a fan that makes lesser noise carefully. We usually spend more than 30-40 minutes of our entire day in the bathroom, and loud noise can make you uncomfortable and sick.

Q. Can I use a high CFM fan for a small bathroom?

Absolutely! For example, if you have a bathroom of 80 sq. ft. and you use a fan of 150 CFM, it will keep the air dryer and fresher. However, it’s totally not necessary, and it will cost you more money.

Q. Should I clean my exhaust fan?

As exhaust fans require minimal cleaning and maintenance, it’s best to look for professionals who can clean it. But you can clean the grilles by yourself in every 4-6 months.

Q. Does the light work together with the exhaust fan?

The light that comes with bathroom fan can be wired differently. So, if you want to have the light and fan working together, you need to wire their connections together. Alternatively, you can wire them separately.

Q. Can I vent my bathroom fan into the basement?

No! Why? Because you will be pushing the same bad smelling gas into your basement. You don’t want your basement to stink. The moisturized air can also degenerate your basement!

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