Best CB Antenna in 2020

It’s a fact that you need the best CB antenna to get the most out of your CB radio. If you are new to CB radio, it will take some time before you fully understand the role of a high performing CB

It’s a fact that you need the best CB antenna to get the most out of your CB radio. If you are new to CB radio, it will take some time before you fully understand the role of a high performing CB antenna.

The cable and radio don’t matter much. A good antenna will give you more range coverage and will also last for years.

In the last few decades, CB units might have lost their popularity to some extent. But for highway and off-road drivers, they are still indispensable as before.

If you are a trucker or have a personal car, you will find a suitable CB antenna on this list.

Here’s what we got for you!

Best CB antenna Review

1. Tram 703 HC CB Antenna Kit


Tram 703 HC CB Antenna Kit
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The Tram 703 is a handy CB antenna that is center-loaded. Center-loaded means you will be saved from the hassle of mounting it on the roof of your vehicle.

The antenna has an adequate height of 2 ft, which makes it effective to cover all 40 channels.

It’s one of the best magnetic CB antennas that will remain stable when mounted on your vehicle. The magnetic mount measures 3.5 inches and can even withstand high wind speed even if you travel at 120mph.

The antenna comes with a shock spring that provides more stability if the vehicle hits bumps and obstacles. You don’t want an antenna that might get lost when you are traveling.

The coaxial cable is 17 ft long, which is satisfactory. It’s made of stainless steel and can last years. The RG58 cable is connected with a PL259 connector.

In many antennas, you might face a hard time tuning. But this antenna can be easily tuned to almost 1.0 SWR reading. That’s a big plus point of this CB antenna.


  • Center-loaded antenna
  • Strong magnetic mount
  • Long cable with connector
  • Can be tuned to 1.0 SWR reading


  • Range not high enough

Final verdict

This is a pretty cheap antenna. So, if you buy it, you have to consider the range it covers. If you can spend a bit more, there are other antennas that can do a better job. However, you can’t beat the price and the features that come along with this CB antenna. For pickup trucks, this thing works quite well.

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2. Tram 3BHC Fiberglass CB Antenna


The Tram 3BHC model is an affordable antenna with powerful range coverage. But if you are a beginner and never handled a Cb antenna before, it’s best not to buy it. This is because it doesn’t come with a mount.

The build quality is superior as it’s made out of heavy-duty fiberglass. So, you can expect it to last longer than usual antennas.

What’s best is the antenna is small but it can handle 1500 watts of power. So, it’s perfect for large trucks and vehicles. The communication with this antenna will be clear.

It would have been a great miss if the antenna could not cover all channels. But this Tram CB antenna has a frequency range of 26-29 MHz, which makes it capable of covering all 40 channels.


  • Up to 1300 watts power handling capacity
  • Able to tune into all channels
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Great replacement antenna


  • Doesn’t include a mount

Final verdict

If you are already using an antenna and think that it’s not enough to cover the range you desire, this CB antenna can be a perfect replacement. Don’t use this for handheld CB radios, as it is heavy and your handheld device cannot hold its weight.

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3. FireStik FS-4BK Tunable Tip CB Antenna


FireStik FS-4BK Tunable Tip CB Antenna
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Your radio is as good as the antenna you use. This FireStik CB antenna comes at a moderate price and will provide you a good replacement for your older antenna.

The antenna is very easy to tune. You can also use an SWR meter and tune it almost 1.2 to 1.2 SWR reading.

This is a durable and heavy-duty antenna made of fiberglass. That’s the reason it’s one of the best CB antennas for jeeps. It can withstand impact more than average antennas on the market.

It can handle power up to 900 watts. So, that also adds to the overall product value.

The major issue is you need to buy cable and the mounting bracket separately. But that shouldn’t cost a lot of money. You can also buy a heavy spring to make the antenna more stable.


  • Single or dual configuration usage
  • Easy to tune and install
  • Sturdy fiberglass antenna
  • The loading coil is of exceptional quality


  • Cable and mounting bracket not included

Final verdict

If you ride in rough conditions, you can use this antenna and it will not disappoint you. Most users buy this antenna as a replacement for their older one. That’s the reason you only get the antenna. 

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4. Browning BR-28 Broad Band CB Antenna


Browning BR-28 Broad Band CB Antenna
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This is the best trucker CB antenna and for a good number of reasons. If you own a truck and need to communicate over a long distance, this antenna is just what you were looking for.

If you add the height of the stainless steel whip and the shaft, you get 55 inches of height. So, adding a dual installation will give you more than the recommended 102” height. And the best thing is the height is adjustable. So, you can easily use it on other small vehicles like jeep or semi-trucks.

If you attach this antenna securely, it will stay in place and is durable enough to withstand impact from trees or wind.

Let’s talk about the coil. The performance of this antenna gets increased because of the triple chrome-plated center coil. You don’t need to put in on the top of the roof, which is even better.

The frequency is 25-30 MHZ. So, you can communicate via all 40 channels. The tuning part is pretty easy and you can achieve close to 1.1 SWR.

If all this is not enough, you will be glad to know that the power handling capacity is 10,000 watts. 


  • 55 inches of height for long-distance communication
  • Stainless still built ensures durability and heavy-duty usage.
  • Center-loaded coil makes it easy to mount in any location
  • Adjustable height
  • Cover all channels


  • Cable and mounting bracket not included

Final verdict

We would highly recommend this CB antenna for truckers. The quality and performance of this antenna are unmatched. If this is your first-ever decision to buy an antenna, you will never regret buying it. Just add a spring and you will get a high-performance antenna.

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5. Wilson 305-497 3500-watt Antenna


Wilson 305-497 3500-watt Antenna
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If you are not satisfied with your previous purchase of a CB antenna, this Wilson antenna will not disappoint you.

You can’t beat the height this antenna can reach. The shaft is 10” and the whip is 49”. That makes it 59” long. It’s probably too much for a small vehicle but absolutely perfect for truckers who love distant communication on the highway.

The whip is made from stainless steel. This makes the antenna durable and rust-resistant.

The coil is center-loaded and will make your job of mounting easier. No need to mount it on the roof.

The antenna doesn’t come with coaxial cable or mounting. If you want to buy a mounting bracket, don’t buy a magnetic one. A bolted mount will be able to hold the antenna better.

What more? The power handling capacity is 3500 watts. That’s unbeatable and an indication of a quality antenna. 


  • Center-loaded large coil
  • High power handling capacity
  • The long length of the antenna suitable for communication in highways
  • Stainless steel whip


  • Not suitable to use with a magnetic mount

Final verdict

Wilson makes some of the most effective CB antennas. With a coaxial cable and a mounting bracket, you should be ready to install it in a few minutes.  Truckers should find it more than handy. 

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6. Tram 3700 CB Antenna


Tram 3700 CB Antenna
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The Tram 3700 is a CB antenna with outstanding performance and high durability.

If you like Wilson, you will love this Tram antenna. It comes at half the price of Wilson but with better quality and more distance coverage.

The entire antenna is over 52” long with the base being 6”. This simply means you can use it for long-distance communication, especially when you are off-road or traveling on highway routes. It’s made of stainless steel, so that makes it more study.

The antenna is also flexible enough to withstand breakage unless the base takes a hit.

The coil is heavy duty and is center-loaded making it more effective. There is a thermoplastic round coil holder to help noise-reduction.

You can expect a higher transmission and receiving capability from this antenna because it has a power handling of 3700 watts. Too hot to handle?

With a bit of effort, you can tune this antenna to 1.5 or less SWR and that’s quite good enough comparing with the price.


  • Low noise reduction
  • Flexible antenna
  • The antenna is higher than the usual antennas in the market
  • High power handling capacity with 3700 watts
  • Center-loaded coil


  • Need to buy the cable and mount separately

Final verdict

You cannot beat the price of this antenna and the features that come along with it. If you ever wanted a high performing CB antenna and that too in the budget, this is the one to buy. For truckers and pickup users, this is very suitable.

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7. Hustler IC-56 CB Band Antenna


Hustler IC-56 CB Band Antenna
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This is probably the best off road CB antenna we have in this list. The reason is pretty much straightforward. The antenna is 102” long and that provides powerful signal and extremely long-distance communication.

The problem with long antennas is that they tend to break faster. But this Hustler Antenna can be bent 180 degrees without breakage. So, this is perfect when you are driving in rough terrain or at high speeds. To make it more effective, just install a heavier spring and the swinging will get reduced.

There is a mounting bracket included with the set that has no screws. Keep in mind that the antenna will put lots of stress on the mounting bracket. So, you might have to replace it once in a while. You can also use a powerful magnetic mount also.

There is a dissipation feature at the top of the antenna that will stop static from building up.

If you are lucky enough, you will find the antenna shipped in a PVC tube that will ensure that the unit is undamaged.


  • Durable and super flexible antenna
  • 102” length guarantees long-range coverage
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Resistant to breakage


  • The mounting bracket might need replacement in future

Final verdict

The price at which this antenna comes is pretty low compared to the feature it provides. With such a long antenna, you can ride comfortably in places where mobile signal is low. The lower power handling capacity might be an issue but it’s just enough to make it effective.

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8. Solarcon A-99 Base Station Antenna


Solarcon A-99 Base Station Antenna
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The Solarcon A-99 is the perfect base station CB antenna. Two things that make this suitable for base stations are- it works with GPK-1 ground plane and has a power handling capacity of 2000 watts. 

When you hear about base stations, you might think the antenna will be too long or heavy. But this antenna is compact and lightweight. You can easily install it by yourself without any helping hands.

The mounting plate that comes with this antenna is a heavy-duty one and will keep the antenna in place.

Solarcon A-99 is best known for its fiberglass construction and we can easily label it as the best fiberglass CB antenna in the market. The antenna is omnidirectional, which means it will respond to signals from all directions.

This antenna is also versatile. Very few people know that you can use the antenna with some shortwave and ham bands as well. This is a plus point that made us interested in reviewing this CB antenna.

You can achieve an SWR of 1.1 right out of the box. But if that doesn’t happen, you can always use an SWR meter.


  • Suitable for commercial use in base stations
  • Top-quality fiberglass construction
  • Signal response from all directions- omnidirectional
  • Compatible with all CB and some shortwave and ham bands
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Strong mounting plate included


  • Can experience some wear and tear if exposed to weather conditions

Final verdict

If you want a professional-quality Cb antenna that will provide the best quality transmission and reception, this is the right Cb antenna. You can expect it to provide you service for years without replacements. We strongly recommend buying this for base stations and see the difference for yourself.

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9. President Electronics Magnetic Mount Radio Antenna


President Electronics Magnetic Mount Radio Antenna
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The CB antenna from President Electronics is the best looking CB antenna in this list. It has a modern and angled design that can catch your eyes. The best part is you can adjust the angle to your liking.

The antenna is compact and measures 2-ft long. However, it can still receive and transmit a signal within a mile or two.

The magnetic base is a nice addition to have with an antenna. It makes mounting a breeze.

The coaxial cable is just 12-ft long. It might be enough for a small car but falls short when used in trucks. In that case, you would have to buy a connector. The positive side is the cable is thinner than usual cables, so it remains hidden and runs under the weatherstripping swiftly.

You can also receive weather channel with this antenna. This adds a little bit of versatility to the unit.

However, the price is more expensive than other CB antennas that have similar features. 


  • Thin cable that remains hidden
  • Modern and attractive design
  • Adjustable angle
  • Magnetic base for mounting
  • Receive weather channel


  • Expensive and low range coverage

Final verdict

If you want a CB antenna with long-range support, this is not the right thing for you. But if the look and design of the antenna matter to you most, you can get this antenna. For highway communication and truckers, you can find better antennas in this list.

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10. FireStik 4ft Black Firefly CB Antenna


The FireStik Black Firefly is a reasonably priced CB antenna with versatile features.

The antenna measure 4-ft long and able to transmit signal quite well. It has a balance between both strength and flexibility, making it one of a kind. For more flexibility, you can always add a flexible spring. The shaft is made from custom-blended glass fiber, so that makes it a bit more durable.

The installation process is simple and tuning is also easy.

What we loved about this is that it is a top-loaded antenna. So, it will receive NOAA emergency weather alerts. If you ride on the highways, this can be pretty handy.

The antenna is lightweight weighing only 9.6 ounces.

Due to the top-loaded antenna and blended fiberglass, it easily falls in the category of the best CB antenna for pickup trucks.


  • Maintains a balance of flexibility and strength
  • Receive weather alerts
  • Strong signal transmission capability
  • Quick installation and tuning
  • Lightweight


  • Not the most durable CB antenna in this list

Final verdict

You might need a more heavy-duty CB antenna but the features you get with this purchase is justified by the price you will pay. You need to attach this on the roof as the antenna is top-loaded. If that’s an issue for you, you can find other center-loaded antennas in this list of CB antenna reviews. 

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What is a CB antenna?

Citizen Band (CB) antenna works with a CB radio to help transmit and receive radio frequency waves. CB antennas help in communicating via radio waves over a short distance.

This is intended for local communication and increases the effectiveness of a CB radio which would not be enough to give you a proper range.

Why buy a CB antenna?

If you have a vehicle and you go places where getting a mobile signal is tough, it’s best to buy a CB radio along with a quality CB antenna.

Here are three major advantages of a CB antenna:

  1. Minimizes signal blocking

If you rely on the CB radio alone to capture radio waves, you will never get a consistent transmission. Because the body of the vehicle can block most of the signal.

This is the reason you need to use a CB antenna to boost the power of your radio. In certain cases, you can also use a dual antenna.

  1. Boost range

Apart from eliminating signal blocking, CB antennas increase the range of communication. It can send a signal in all directions. So, the quality of communication becomes better.

  1. Protects the radio

When you install a CB antenna, the first thing you will do is to set up the SWR. But before you make that assess the condition of your antenna. Because defective CB antennas can destroy the radio altogether. Use an SWR meter if necessary to tune the antenna to the lowest reading possible. In that way, there will be fewer hindrances and the CB radio will function better.

6 Factors to consider when buying a CB antenna

  1. Antenna Length

Antenna length is a crucial factor in controlling the range of your CB radio. So, a longer antenna will give you more coverage.

This can also depend on the type of antenna you use. Two different kinds of the antenna with the same height, might not provide the same range as expected.

  1. Types of CB Antenna

Fiberglass Antennas

Fiberglass antenna is very popular and is considered as one of the best mobile CB antennas today.

The coil remains at the top of the antenna and that makes the antenna very easy to anywhere around the vehicle. This is the reason it’s also known as a top-loaded antenna.

The only issue with fiberglass antennas is that they have a lower watt capacity. If you want a budget-friendly antenna fiberglass antenna should do the job.

Magnet Mount Antennas

Magnet mount antennas also are known as base-loaded antennas. These antennas are easy to mount and have a higher watt capacity.

Magnet mount antennas are durable and can handle higher power outputs. But the major issue is you need to mount it quite high that limits the options for mounting.

If you have a car or pick up, such antennas should be suitable for you. 

Whip Antennas

The best CB antenna for jeep is clearly a whip antenna. These antennas are cheaper and at the same time offers a long range of about 10 miles. The downside is these antennas are super long and that’s not very convenient. 

Center loaded antennas

Center loaded antennas as the name suggests has the coil near the center. The bottom shaft below the coil is made of stainless steel and the top part is a thin steel whip.

Center loaded antennas are the best trucker CB antenna as most truck drivers use it for its high watt capacity and stability.

No-Ground Plane (NGP) Antennas

NGP antennas operate without any need of any ground plane like metal or the chassis of your vehicle.

It’s the perfect CB antenna for a boat or any vehicle without the chassis like RV.

Keep in mind these antennas will not provide the same range as the other types of CB antenna and they also come at a higher price. 

  1. Installation Options

Installation is also a key priority when it comes to CB antennas. So, depending on your vehicle, you can choose between magnetic and non-magnetic mount antennas. But as technology has progressed over the years, most CB antennas have easy installation process.

  1. Power handling capacity

The power handling capacity is the amount of wattage an antenna can handle. So, this should be a major concern when buying CB antennas. If you buy an antenna with higher power handling capacity, the stronger the signal it will receive.

You can also install more than one antenna to take it to the next level.

  1. Bandwidth

Bandwidth might also influence the buying decision. Higher bandwidth will allow you to communicate over more channels. If the number of channels doesn’t matter to you, you can always go for a low bandwidth antenna and keep cost low.

  1. Accessories

  • Coaxial cable: The coaxial cable can impact the performance of the antenna. So, it’s better to get a thick coax that will last longer.

  • External Speaker: External speakers will help you hear better. The built-in speakers might not provide sufficient sound in noisy environments.

  • SWR Meter: You need an SWR meter to tune your antenna every time you move it to a new mounting location.

Tips for buying a CB antenna

We talked with CB radio experts and learned some new tips. If you closely follow the factors, you can get a good idea of what you want to purchase. These tips will make it even easier for you.

  • Tip#1 – The first thing you should ask yourself is why you need a CB antenna. Your budget and expectations should change depending on whether you need it for fun or professional use. You also need to keep in mind where you will use the antenna. Is it on a truck, Suv, base station or personal car? For professional use, you will have to find a more durable unit that might cost more.

  • Tip#2 –  You don’t want to buy a CB antenna every month or even every year. So, it’s best to avoid cheap quality antennas. Buy from a reputable brand and with durable construction. May a bit more but enjoy the results for years.

  • Tip#3 – Antennas with a strong magnetic base is the first thing you should look for. If you are new to CB radios, it will make installation easy for you.

  • Tip#4 – Buy an SWR meter if possible. Not always the tunable tip will work. And you don’t want to damage the radio just because you don’t have an SWR meter.

  • Tip#5  Look for the antenna that can achieve the lowest SWR reading.


CB antenna FAQ

  1. CB radio or CB antenna? What is more important?

You can buy expensive CB radios or used CB radios at cheap prices. But whatever you buy, all have a maximum transmission power of 4 watts. It is the CB antenna that gives you more coverage and transmission power. So, CB antenna is the winner here.

  1. What is CB ground plane?

The ground plane is the surface beneath the CB antenna that helps to reflect the signal back to the sender. If you are using a CB antenna on a vehicle, the chassis or the body of the vehicle acts as a ground plane.

  1. What affects the range of a CB antenna?

The following factors influence the range of a CB antenna:

  • Length of the antenna
  • Type of antenna
  • Mounting position
  • Your current location
  • The power of the radio

  1. What length of CB antenna is perfect for me?

The longer the antenna length, the more range it covers. So, you can buy a 102” antenna. But that is not very convenient to buy. But you can gain the same effectiveness with a shorter antenna as coils can make up for the height.

  1. Which channels are perfect if I’m riding a truck?

For truckers, channel 19 is perfect. You will be getting an update on weather conditions and any obstruction on the road ahead.

  1. I have a boat. Which antenna should I buy?

If you have a boat, you should buy an NGP antenna. These antennas require no ground plane to work.

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